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The Togean Islands

Diving Sulawesi Indonesia - Clown FishThe Togean Islands in Sulawesi offer divers and snorkelers the unique experience to explore the beautiful coral reefs of Indonesia with its unique and diverse marine life. The islands in the centre of Tomini bay, which is known to be the calmest bay on earth, offer an undiscovered tropical paradise, boasting hundreds of islands with beautiful white sandy beaches as yet untouched by mass tourism. The Togean islands are amongst the best spots for diving Indonesia.

Be seduced by the Togean Islands and Kadidiri’s magic in particular. Enjoy spectacular starlight nights with fireflies patrolling the beach and a restful jungle chorus luling you to sleep. Experience the full moon of Sulawesi with the beach floodlight and its dramatic blue light as if you where in some black and white movie.

Diving’s best kept secret

Black Marlin Diving on Kadidiri offers the perfect base for scuba diving in Sulawesi! Enjoy our relaxed accommodation; stay in stylish bungalows with spring-beds, ceiling fans & western bathrooms with clean running water. The ocean laping at your door steps, offering spectacular views and sunsets of Sulawesi.

Get away from cars and pollution to relax on an unspoilt beach with a fun, laid back atmosphere in one of the best dive resorts in Indonesia. Come diving on Kadidiri island.

Experience the magic and romance of Kadidiri and Una Una yourself and expect the island to fill a special place in your heart, where you want to return to, again and again. Relax and let Kadidiri weave its blissfull spell over you and enjoy the best scuba diving ever! There is just nothing better than diving Sulawesi! See for yourself; watch our videos here.


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