How to Reach the Togean Islands Easier

So things getting easier all the time to reach the Togeans.
Wings Air just started a new route from Luwuk – Ampana – Palu and back everyday. This means that can now connect from Ampana through to Bali or Jakarta in around 6 hours.

Add to this a new speedboat service from Ampana to Wakai that means now boats early morning and midday both ways so making connecting with the flights possible so leaving Wakai in the morning can be in Bali or Jakarta the same afternoon. You can see the flight schedules below.


Wings Air Flight Schedule - AmpanaThese flights also allow to connect in Luwuk to and from Manado.
With possible direct flights Makassar – Ampana and Ampana – Manado promised for next year with Garuda Airlines also starting routes there beside Wings means will never have been easier to get to the Togeans and leave again without days in transit in uncomfortable buses.

Economy Rooms in Kadidiri – Renovations Complete!

Economy Bungalows Kadidiri IndonesiaYour diving vacation in Indonesia doesn’t have to be expensive. Now our economy rooms at Black Marlin Diving in Kadidiri have been given a complete overhaul, offering clean and simple rooms, at an excellent value! The double bungalows have private sea view terraces, to get away from it all and relax in a sea breeze, while admiring beautiful sunsets each evening. Come and visit us on our paradise island and enjoy great scuba diving, combined with excellent food and comfortable accommodation!
Clean Comfortable Bungalows In IndonesiaDiving Vacation Indonesia Economy RoomsEconomy Rooms Kaddidiri Indonesia

Una Una Dive Resort Update

Una Una Dive Resort Ground ClearingGround clearing has begun at the New Una Una Dive Resort location We are very careful to minimise the amount of trees felled and keeping as much as possible of the beautiful environment intact!

The new dive resort will have both, deluxe and standard bungalows. The bungalows are dotted around the 1 hectare site, giving plenty of space between bungalows. The site is blessed with many mature Mango trees, over 100ft tall, giving natural shaded areas between the two naturally occurring streams.

New Dive Resort Location Una UnaThe Black Marlin resort in Una Una is located in a sheltered natural bay, protected from the large south east monsoon swells hitting the island each year. The new dive resort in Una Una will be the perfect spot to enjoy dramatic sunrises each day, to complement the stunning sunsets that our guests already enjoy on Kadidiri.

Diving Indonesia Eagle Ray Una UnaSoon all guests visiting the Togean Islands will be able to explore the entire region with the best and longest running dive operator in the islands, thus maximising their enjoyment and making sure, that they get the best value and service possible. Scuba divers who would like to explore more of the Togeans will then also be able to book dive packages valid across both resorts. For those who are not diving, the clear blue waters around Una Una are great for world class snorkeling!

Coral Rehab Program in Indonesia

Coral Rehab Indonesia Christmas Tree WormBlack Marlin Diving Indonesia & nearby Harmony Bay Resort are now starting a coral rehab & transplantation program that for the early stages of the process will be located on the corner of Kadidiri island at Mildred’s Rock dive site.

We will show case various coral rehabilitation techniques at the site to evaluate which is most appropriate for each damaged area according to topography and other environmental conditions. We will use the transplanted corals to repair any local areas that have been damaged by storms or dynamite fishing so we can accelerate the recovery times for these patches.

Please ask when you’re at the resort if would like to snorkel the area or dive the site and even help with the transplantation itself if interested. Or join our Crown of Thorn dives to clear the reef of these damaging starfish and keep their population under control.

Any donations to help us with these environmental preservation efforts would be greatly appreciated and can be done through our website using the donation button below.

Donations for the Coral Rehab Project

Black Marlin Diving Indonesia - Coral Rehab Program 2016

Eco Efforts At Black Marlin Dive ResortI’ve just returned from a very positive meeting with the new Bupati (district head) of the area and we now hope to have the National Marine Park zoning arranged in the next few months. Black Marlin Diving Indonesia will be hosting the meetings in April/May so we can finally get the wardens and proper policing that the area deserves.

Other programs that we are championing are fresh water and power for resorts and local villages. Please give us your support and any suggestions for further improvement so we can coordinate even closer with the local government to improve access, environment and economy for all in the area in a sustainable way.

Click here for more information about the ECO Efforts of Black Marlin Diving in the Togean Islands.

Deluxe Rooms Sulawesi IndonesiaThe renovations of our Deluxe rooms is now completed, giving the dive resort a stylish new look for 2016. The pier has also been overhauled to create an even more relaxed and comfortable spot to enjoy Kadidiri’s stunning panorama of the ocean and surrounding islands. The hammock haven below the Banyan tree is ideal for an afternoon siesta or chilling with your latest novel. The economy rooms are meanwhile also renovated and have private balconies with a spectacular view that will sure make it your most beloved spot!

Diving Indonesia Renovated Dive BoatBlack Marlin Diving’s 12 meter speedboat “Black Magic” has been remodeled inside to be even more practical and comfortable for scuba divers and snorkelers during our day trips in the Togean Islands. With twin 100hp 4 stroke engines, it’s fast, quiet, efficient & so environmentally friendly on every trip. With a more spacious central area the dive boat can accommodate at least 12 divers.

Join our regular dive trips to Una Una for some big fish action or to the Atolls to see some breathtakingly dramatic inverted walls, or a trip to Malenge to see the shy Mandarin fish at Mandarin Madness dive site. All perfect day trips for divers and snorkelers alike with a delicious packed lunch to enjoy onboard or a deserted beach. We are getting our boats ready for our new resort on Una Una and would love to get any suggestions for names from you. So “Black …..?…. ” we will post the best selection in a couple of months so you can vote on which you think is the best!

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about scuba diving or diving courses in Indonesia.

The New Look of Black Marlin Dive Resort

Dive Resort Renovations In KadidiriThe extensive program of renovations is going well. Phase 2 of the restaurant is meanwhile completed, giving the whole resort a lighter and more stylish look. The efforts are going to be followed throughout the resort to make Black Marlin truly one of the best looking dive resorts in the Togian islands.

Divers Accommodation KadidiriThe new standard rooms at Black Marlin Dive Resort look fresh and inviting! It even might proof hard to prize yourself out of your hammock and away from the terrace. But I’m sure, the prospect of some amazing dives around our colorful coral reefs, will perhaps be of help. Besides all renovation efforts, we will soon have even more high powered fans that help to filter the air, insuring a great nights sleep every night.

Black Marlin Diving Una Una

Una Una Dive ResortThe building of our new dive resort at Una Una will hopefully start soon! We are extremely busy working on it, so we will be ready to welcome guests for high season, and offer our divers the same quality diving and lodging experience as in our resort in Kadidiri.

Discounts and Special Offers 2016

Dive Resort Renovation IndonesiaScuba diving in Una Una is absolutely amazing! Watch out for some great opening offers at our new Una Una dive resort! We also have some good discounts available at our Kadidiri resort, while the renovations are in progress. So get in contact, and book your diving holiday in Indonesia now.

Tanjung Api Airport in Ampana

The Tanjung Api Airport in Ampana has now been open for over 6 months with Avia Air running some local flights to Palu, Luwuk and Gorontalo each week. The one to Gorontalo goes directly over the Togian Islands giving an unrivaled view of the islands and their surrounding coral reefs and pristine turquoise waters.

Garuda Air- New Flights to AmpanaNow the exciting news is, that Wings Air planes, most probably the very reliable ATR aircraft, will start doing the route to and from Makassar in December. Also, Garuda Air, again probably using ATR aircraft, will start from March 2016. It is becoming easier to reach the amazing dive sites of the Togian Islands. Most beautiful dive sites like Una Una have now come in reach of every enthusiastic scuba diver, and you shouldn’t miss the chance! We are very excited about the possibility of expanding the draw of the dive sites in the Togian Islands to so many new guests who have limited time to waste on lengthy transits, to get here.

Watch our blog at for the latest information on these services and their schedules. Find more information and detailed flight planes, as well as ferryboat schedules and prices for the region on our directions page.

New Dive Resort Planed in Una Una

New Dive Resort Planed In Una Una Indonesia

Black Marlin Dive Resorts in Indonesia is in progress to open a brand new dive resort on Una Una Island, in the Togian Islands. Staying on Una Una will give our guests the best access to the amazing selection of dive sites around the island. Black Marlin has been offering dive tours to Una Una, from their base in Kadidiri Island, for more than 15 years! Therefor our dive guides and diving instructors have an unrivaled knowledge of all the dive sites on around the island.

Opening in 2016

Our new dive resort will open in 2016 and will be located right on the beach! Our dive resort will be offering great value and high level of service. Additionally, our divers enjoy the advantage of getting the best of both worlds! Enjoy diving Una Una and the Togian Islands near Kadidiri. You will have access to the B24 bomber wreck, the atolls and many more unique dive sites. And of course we are close to the jellyfish lake, teeming with red jelly fish. This is one of only 3 jelly fish lakes in the world!

Togian Islands and Una Una Combo Diving Packages Available

Divers can buy diving packages to use at both resorts, so you will be getting the best value possible on your diving in the Togian islands. Keep and eye on our Facebook page to see how work is progressing and book early to be one of the first to experience it. Contact us here for bookings and reservation.




Precious Diving in the Togian Islands and Una Una

Aproaching Una Una Indonesia

Sulawesi is a gem of an island in Indonesia! It offers a broad selection of attractions to appeal to novice travelers and veteran travelers alike. As for scuba diving, spectacular untouched coral reefs covered in unique marine life at the heart of Sulawesi is awaiting the enthusiastic diver. The Togian Islands and Una Una. in Central Sulawesi are a must for any diver. The Togian Islands are absolutely breathtaking! Both, scuba diving and snorkeling conditions are perfect for almost all year around. Since the islands are not on the usual ‘tourist trek’, you might easily find miles of white sandy beaches all for yourself! You will find world class dive sites, including a world war II plane wreck! Or try diving in one of only 3 jellyfish lakes worldwide!

Sulawesi is really the only choice for any visitor to Indonesia, wanting to experience the real nature of Indonesia, the way it once was!

You will find Countless Attractions in Sulawesi

As for attractions, combine the above with spectacular views and the unique cultural sites in Toraja, Rantepao, with elaborate funeral ceremonies. Enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery draped with padi rice fields, as far as you can see. The island boast many national parks near Palu and Gorontalo with impressive untouched rain forests, waterfalls and more. Find untouched mangroves and rain forest with plentiful local wildlife, along with native Bajau villages preserving their local traditions. The Sama-Bajau, sometimes also called the “Sea Gypsies” or “Sea Nomads”, are traditionally from the many islands of the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines. Most of them migrated during the conflict in Mindanao, to Malaysia, North Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Continue your trip to the north and south of Sulawesi, and you will find many more great dive destinations, including Bunaken, Lembeh, Wakatobi and Bira. Lembeh Strait is known as one of the world’s best dive spots for muck diving!