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Underwater Pictures
Underwater Pictures

View stunning underwater pictures from Indonesia. All photos were taken at our dive sites around Kadidiri and Una Una, in the Togean Islands of Indonesia.

Una Una Diving Trips

UNA UNA is a popular and most wonderful island to go scuba diving. Black Marlin Diving Indonesia, is now building a new resort directly on Una Una island! Check out our new location here!

Guest Pictures

The Black Marlin Diving dive school is located on the most beautiful island Kadidiri. Not only the name is exotic here, but also the environment, above and below the surface.

Eco Reef in Kaddidiri

Pictures of artificial reef building to help the environment to better recover from patch coral bleaches. Black Marlin Diving in Indonesia opened a volunteer project to add a new reef to a former dead area.

Jelly Fish Lake

The Red Jellyfish lake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is most famous for its not stinging but very colorful jelly fish. The red jelly fish cannot sting human, but still have poison and can sting its prey.

VVIP Accommodation

The new V-VIP Bungalows at Black Marlin Diving in Sulawesi are finished. Have a look at the latest photos of our accommodation in Kadidiri.

DeLuxe Bungalows in Indonesia

The DeLuxe Bungalows in Kadidiri include fresh towels, ceiling fan, a private terrace and
three tasty meals every day!
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Various Pictures

View various pictures from around our dive resort in Kadidiri.