Diving in Sulawesi

The Togean Islands in Sulawesi offer divers and snorkelers the unique experience of being able to explore all three types of Coral reef (fringe, atoll and barrier). The islands in the centre of Tomini bay, known as the calmest bay on earth, are an undiscovered tropical paradise boasting hundreds of islands with beautiful white sandy beaches untouched by tourism.

Diving with us

What are the major differences between PADI and SSI


Black Marlin Dive Centre on Kadidiri island is an idyllic hideaway desert island surrounded by pristine coral reefs, crystal clear tropical waters and a huge selection of dive sites to whet any divers appetite. Dramatic drop offs, pinnacles, canyons, slopes and even a WWII B24 Bomber wreck in near perfect condition!!

The amazingly diverse marine life & richest reefs including no less than 314 species of corals, 541 species of mollusc & 819 species of tropical fish!

Recommended by no less than Jacques Cousteau


The Togean Islands are the epicentre for the worlds most diverse coral reefs.


Black Marlin as a SSI Dive Centre offering Padi courses aswell if requested, offers professional/personal service whether exploring the nearby reefs (10 mins) on our speed boats or a day trip to the reefs of Una-Una, an active volcano, on our custom built dive boat.

With over 30 sets of equipment, two new compressors, 80 tanks, 5 speedboats (all with oxygen onboard) we are easily able to satisfy all our guests and others diving needs while on Kadidiri. Come and see for yourself