Christmas Tree Worm in SulawesiBlack Marlin go diving at 8am, 10:30am and 2:30pm & 7pm for an amazing night dive on our house reef. Most of the great dive sites are within only 10 minutes of Kadidiri, using our Speedboats, which all carry oxygen equipment aboard. All dive groups at Black Marlin Diving, are kept as small as possible, with a maximum of 6 people per dive guide. Our scuba divers and snorkelers safety is our first priority!


Dive Trips

Trip Dives
Daytime DiveRp. 500,000
Night DiveRp. 580.000

Multiple Dive Discounts start with your 5th Dive

Prices include complete diving equipment rental *Discounts available if you have your own BCD and Regulator.

PADI and SSI Diving Course Prices

Scuba Diving CoursesSSIPADI
Discover Scuba Diving / Resort IntroRp. 850,000 Rp. 850,000
Scuba Tune UpRp. 650,000Rp. 650,000
Open Water DiverRp. 5,200,000Rp. 5,800,000
Advanced Adventure DiverRp. 4,250,000Rp. 4,850,000
Emergency First Response (EFR)Rp. 2,500,000Rp. 2,500,000
Rescue Diver CourseRp. 6,400,000Rp. 7,000,000
Dive Master CourseRp. 11,500,000Rp. 11,500,000
Extra weeksRp. 1,500,000Rp. 1,500,000


Click for Accommodation & Diving Only 2017

CodeDays / NightsDivesDeluxe RoomStd RoomPackage Type 
A2D / 1N2Rp. 1,400,000Rp. 1,330,000RegularBook
4Rp. 2,400,000Rp. 2,330,000Dive IntensiveBook
Rp. 440,000Rp. 365,000Non DiverBook
B3D / 2N5Rp. 3,175,000Rp. 3,035,000RegularBook
7Rp. 4,125,000Rp. 3,985,000Dive IntensiveBook
Rp. 880,000Rp. 730,000Non DiverBook
C4D / 3N7Rp. 4,525,000Rp. 4,315,000RegularBook[
10Rp. 5,700,000Rp. 5,490,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 1,320,000Rp. 1,095,000Non DiverBook[
D5D / 4N10Rp. 6,100,000Rp. 5,820,000RegularBook[
14Rp. 7,900,000Rp. 7,620,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 1,760,000Rp. 1,460,000Non DiverBook[
E6D / 5N12Rp. 7,400,000Rp. 7,050,000RegularBook[
17Rp. 9,225,000Rp. 8,875,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 2,200,000Rp. 1,825,000Non DiverBook[
F7D / 6N15Rp. 8,775,000Rp. 8,355,000RegularBook[
21Rp. 10,800,000Rp. 10,380,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 2,640,000Rp. 2,190,000Non DiverBook[
G8D / 7N17Rp. 10,025,000Rp. 9,535,000RegularBook[
23Rp. 12,000,000Rp. 11,510,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 3,080,000Rp. 2,555,000Non DiverBook[
H9D / 8N20Rp. 11,200,000Rp. 10,640,000RegularBook[
26Rp. 12,950,000Rp. 12,390,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 3,520,000Rp. 2,920,000Non DiverBook[
I10D / 9N22Rp. 12,400,000Rp. 11,770,000RegularBook[
30Rp. 14,850,000Rp. 14,220,000Dive IntensiveBook[
Rp. 3,960,000Rp. 3,2850,000Non DiverBook[

  • High Season (June 15th – Sept 15th) 10% supplement on Room rates shown.
  • Single Supplement extra 50% for accommodation so for Deluxe extra Rp.180,000 per night, Std extra Rp.150,000 per night.
  • All Packages include accommodation & 3 meals a day.
  • Extra Nights & Dives can be added once at the resort if required.
  • Extra beds are also available on request, please contact us directly for rates.

Click for Transport Costs

CodeRouteOne Way Price for 2 pax 
JGORONTALORp. 1,000,000Book
KAMPANARp. 600,000Book
LLUWUKRp. 6,000,000Book
MMARISARp. 6,600,000Book

  • All transport prices are one way based on 2 traveling together. If alone costs still the same.
  • Gorontalo transport includes pickup at airport and ferry transfers to Wakai (Tuesdays & Fridays at 6pm from Gorontalo, returns from Wakai Thursdays & Mondays).
  • Ampana transport includes pickup at airport and transfer with the public speedboat service to Wakai (at 9am & 1pm).
  • Luwuk transport includes pickup at airport to Bunta for a private speedboat charter to the island (Weather permitting).
  • Marisa transport includes pickup at Gorontalo airport and car to Marisa for a private speedboat charter to the island (Weather permitting).
Why not study before you arrive? Get a FREE dive if theory completed before arrival!!
Contact us direct to book your course and start your online training and receive your access code to download and use the SSI learning App for any mobile device or computer. With amazing graphics and fully interactive with all the videos and academic material at your fingertips its easy and fun to complete the theory side of your course before you arrive. All quizzes and final exam are automatically registered with SSI and reported to us. So all paperwork is eliminated which is better for the planet too. For a free preview unto Scuba Diver level can go to the SSI website and sign up for online training there before ordering you access code for the App from us for the complete course. This is now available for the Adventure Dive course and all other courses upto Divemaster.

Click here to learn more

Altough all our instructors can teach PADI and SSI, we prefer to teach SSI because it gives us more flexibility with the scheduling etc. thus, allowing us to customize the diving courses to give you the best quality learning experience. Normally our divng courses are conducted “one on one” or in very small groups! With Black Marlin Diving you learn at your own pace assuring success with professional support at every stage. SSI is GREENER! – Due to not having to sell you the manual, but instead you can just use ours, we help the environment a little bit with reduced waste and it also allows us to pass on this saving to you with a better price for your diving course (see above). All teaching materials are available online for life at the SSI website Please have look at this website to see what a quality course it is, using all aspects of IT to improve the learning experience like studying online before you arrive. SSI is the second largest dive agency in the world and is expanding fast. We look forward to teaching you here in Sulawesi.


BANK POLICY: “Due to fussy bank policy in Indonesia any dollars that are not in excellent condition will be exchanged at a lower rate as our bank will not accept them. Best to pay with a credit card in this situation. Thanks for you understanding.” WE ACCEPT: Rupiah, Euro Visa & Mastercards If you are paying at the dive resort for your accommodation, we much appreciate the payment to be in cash Rupiah, as we are far from banks. For diving, credit cards or Euros cash are fine. Many thanks.

Scuba Diving Course Details


This is a quick way to get you to experience scuba diving safely. The morning session consists of a 40 min chat on the theory involved followed by a shallow water session to teach you some basic skills with an instructor. Then you can dive to 12m accompanied by an instructor or dive master.


In case you don’t have enough time for the whole open water diving course, don’t miss out on the fantastic underwater world of Sulawesi! You can complete half of the course, enjoy diving in Sulawesi and upgrade to the full open water course at a later time anywhere else.
Scuba Diver
LENGTH1 day and 2 Dives
PRICINGRp. 3,200,000


Enjoy diving Sulawesi with Confidence! – Has it been a while since you last went scuba diving? Then Sulawesi is the right place to get back in your gear. Refresh your skills and your diving knowledge with a Scuba Tune-Up! A short quiz and an in-water refresher with an experienced diving instructor or dive master will bring you up to speed in no time again.
LENGTH1 Morning and 1 Dive
PRICINGRp. 650,000


Fun packed 3-4 days, video sessions, computer aided discussions on dive theory that you will have studied in the course book, shallow water skill building sessions and 4 open water dives. Once you’re done it’s valid for life !
LENGTH3-4 days and 4 Dives
PRICING (SSI/PADI)Rp. 5,200,000 / 5,800,000


No lectures , just diving ! Expand your diving experience including Deep, Night and Navigation diving , then choose two more elective dives i.e Wreck, Multilevel , naturalist and photography plus many more . Detailed briefings before every dive
LENGTH2-3 Days
PRICING (SSI/PADI)Rp. 4,250,000 / 4,850,000


Want to help others? Try this course and your confidence will increase dramatically. Learn to prevent accidents or how to deal with ones that occur in or on the water. Lots of exciting new techniques to learn, improve your awareness underwater dramatically
PRICING (SSI/PADI)Rp. 6,400,000 / 7,000,000


In case you don’t have enough time for the whole open water diving course, don’t miss out on the fantastic underwater world of Sulawesi! You can complete half of the course, enjoy diving in Sulawesi and upgrade to the full open water course at a later time anywhere else.
LENGTHInternship 4 weeks recommended
PRICING (SSI/PADI)Rp. 11,500,000
Extra weeksRp. 1,500,000 / week


Rental€ Dive € Day
Dive ComputerRp. 150,000Rp. 200,000
U/W CameraRp. 200,000Rp. 350,000
* All recreational diving course prices include certification of either PADI or SSI, full dive equipment rental and the use of all course materials. For professional diving level diving courses, starting from divemaster courses, the course material has to be purchased separately and membership fees are not included. Please contact us for more information and prices for divemaster course material in your language.) Please note that we have to charge 3% administration fee on all credit card and PayPal payments.
Includes certification, dive equipment rental, course materials use (except DM)*