Exciting diving Videos from the Togean Islands

View here some stunning Videos from Kadidiri in the Togean Islands, in Sulawesi – Indonesia. If you haven’t been diving in Indonesia,you have missed out on one of the best dive spots in the world! Come and enjoy with us the fascination of scuba diving in Sulawesi. We will be continuously adding new videos of Sulawesi and the Togean Islands to this page. For more exciting images, please also have a look at our galleries with pictures of Sulawesi and our Dive Resort in Kadidiri Island.

A Dive Trip to Pulau Kadidiri – April 2016 Bahasa Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia can also be adventurous! You can find amazing dive sites like the B-24 Liberator Bomber Wreck from WWII.

Enjoy this video from the Togean Islands. We will be adding more videos about diving in Sulawesi and diving with Black Marlin in the future.

Scuba diving in the clear blue waters of Sulawesi with Black Marlin Diving in Kadidiri is nothing but joy!

You have see these white Tip Sharks at the Togean Islands! The video is professionally filmed by Margrit fromTaucher.Net xxxx

Underwater Video from one of our beautiful dive sites – Una Una Togean Islands Sulawesi – Apollo Reef