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first came to the Togean Islands in 1996 and discovered why it had been kept such a secret; pristine coral reefs,Crispin Gibbs Black Marlin Diving Conservationistcrystal clear tropical water, inviting for scuba diving and countless breath takingly beautiful, untouched desert islands, with palm fringed white sandy beaches; who could resist?

Black Marlin Diving Indonesia Family PhotoReturning each year finally at the start of 1999 his dream was realised with the opening of the Black Marlin Dive Center, a professional western run dive center offering quality service for diving in a relaxed and fun environment. Crispin runs the dive center with his wife Lala.

Black Marlin Diving Staff - Group Photo


We are actively involved in the conservation of the Togian Islands and establishing the Marine National Park. Also campaigning for World Heritage Site status (at present a nominee). Please help us campaign for this and preserve forever a very unique corner of the world.

Please Sign our petition to save the Togean Islands on change.org to actively help for the Marine Park and Togean Islands, to be protected from any future logging or harmful practices. Help add your voice to our petition to protect this unique corner of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Many thanks, Crispin Gibbs, Black Marlin Diving Indonesia


At Black Marlin we are striving to always improve the environmental impact that the resort has on the island. To date we have introduced the following programmes to ensure that your stay in Sulawesi has the minimum impact on the area, thus preserving it for future generations. With the use of solar energy from 2014, we are going even greener! Click the link for pictures of our latest ECO Efforts.

  • Recycling of all bottles, plastic etc
  • Refills for mineral water at the Ocean Cafe
  • Low energy light fittings throughout the resort
  • Rainwater collection and recycling
  • Use of 4stroke engines (more efficient, quieter and cleaner)
  • Coral rehabilitation programmes (EcoReef, BioRock etc)
  • Reef Clean ups; Rubbish / Crown of Thorns starfish etc.
  • Divesite Mooring Lines Initiative to save our reefs

Please let us know of any other programmes that we could add that will help us improve our efforts further.


Click the title below to view pictures from our dive resort in Indonesia!

Underwater Pictures
Underwater Pictures

View stunning underwater pictures from Indonesia. All photos were taken at our dive sites around Kadidiri and Una Una, in the Togean Islands of Indonesia.

Una Una Diving Trips

UNA UNA is a popular and most wonderful island to go scuba diving. Black Marlin Diving Indonesia, is now building a new resort directly on Una Una island! Check out our new location here!

Guest Pictures

The Black Marlin Diving dive school is located on the most beautiful island Kadidiri. Not only the name is exotic here, but also the environment, above and below the surface.

Eco Reef in Kaddidiri

Pictures of artificial reef building to help the environment to better recover from patch coral bleaches. Black Marlin Diving in Indonesia opened a volunteer project to add a new reef to a former dead area.

Jelly Fish Lake

The Red Jellyfish lake in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is most famous for its not stinging but very colorful jelly fish. The red jelly fish cannot sting human, but still have poison and can sting its prey.

VVIP Accommodation

The new V-VIP Bungalows at Black Marlin Diving in Sulawesi are finished. Have a look at the latest photos of our accommodation in Kadidiri.

DeLuxe Bungalows in Indonesia

The DeLuxe Bungalows in Kadidiri include fresh towels, ceiling fan, a private terrace and
three tasty meals every day!
Click here to book your accommodation on Kadidiri now!

Various Pictures

View various pictures from around our dive resort in Kadidiri.

Cheap Flights to Sulawesi


Air Asia – 3 times a week

Air Asia KL – london

New! Daily Flights from Singapore to Makassar with Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Diving With Style


Ferry Boat Shedule

KM Tuna Tomini – NOW TWICE A WEEK !

DepartDeparture TimeArrive (Destination)Arrival Time
GorontaloTuesday and Friday 5pmWakaiWednesday & Saturday 5 am
WakaiMonday & Thursday 5 pmGorontaloTuesday & Friday 5 am

KM Tanjung Api 3 hrs from Gorontalo to Dolong

DepartDeparture TimeArrive (Destination)Arrival Time
Marisa (Paguat)Saturday MidnightDolongSunday 6 am (then connect with local boats to Wakai)
WakaiTuesday 10:30 amMarisaTuesday 5 pm

Dive Resort Newsflash For 2017 / 2018

  • AMPANA AIRPORT (TANJUNG API AIRPORT) now open, daily flights with Wings Air from Palu.
  • PUBLIC SPEEDBOAT SERVICE FROM AMPANA, twice a day at 9am & 1pm
  • Garuda Citilink Flights planned to start operation in 2018 direct from Makassar to Ampana and hopefully to Manado aswell later.
  • 24 hr electricity – New power link to the main island is being installed soon
  • 24 hr running water – New means that a link to main islands is planed to be installed soon
  • Banyan Tree Spa – Traditional massages and beauty treatments!
  • Internet Connection (not perfect yet)
  • Online Booking & Online Payments
  • Digital Photo Facilities
  • Satelite TV in movie lounge (CNN, Sport Events etc.)
  • The Togean Islands are now officially Indonesia’s largest Marine National Park


Please request our news letter for all the latest changes, discoveries, diving information, new dive sites and other information on Black Marlin on our contact page.

Are you interested in doing a Conservation or Photography workshop / seminar? Send us an email as we are putting together a program for 2018 and would love your feedback as to what areas to focus on. A huge Photography Competition is also planned for 2018 with the chance to win great prizes!.


Please sign our petition to save the Togeans to show your support for the National Marine Park and your objection to dynamite fishing and to any plans for further logging in the Togean Islands.


Diving Indonesia Sulawesi Togean Islands Information Diver

Diving in Sulawesi

The Togean Islands in Sulawesi offer divers and snorkelers the unique experience of being able to explore all three types of Coral reef (fringe, atoll and barrier). The islands in the centre of Tomini bay, known as the calmest bay on earth, are an undiscovered tropical paradise boasting hundreds of islands with beautiful white sandy beaches untouched by tourism.

Diving with us

What are the major differences between PADI and SSI


Black Marlin Dive Centre on Kadidiri island is an idyllic hideaway desert island surrounded by pristine coral reefs, crystal clear tropical waters and a huge selection of dive sites to whet any divers appetite. Dramatic drop offs, pinnacles, canyons, slopes and even a WWII B24 Bomber wreck in near perfect condition!!

The amazingly diverse marine life & richest reefs including no less than 314 species of corals, 541 species of mollusc & 819 species of tropical fish!

Recommended by no less than Jacques Cousteau


The Togean Islands are the epicentre for the worlds most diverse coral reefs.


Black Marlin as a SSI Dive Centre offering Padi courses aswell if requested, offers professional/personal service whether exploring the nearby reefs (10 mins) on our speed boats or a day trip to the reefs of Una-Una, an active volcano, on our custom built dive boat.

With over 30 sets of equipment, two new compressors, 80 tanks, 5 speedboats (all with oxygen onboard) we are easily able to satisfy all our guests and others diving needs while on Kadidiri. Come and see for yourself